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  • Bob Rees

Awakening Our Christian Imagination

Dr. Bob Rees was kind enough to travel to Arizona to share his remarks on the need for us to use our Christian imagination in finding more empathy and love for LGBT members of the LDS Church.

He later shared his experience visiting with us on the No More Strangers blog (

A Garden In the Desert

At times when they have sought solace, clarity and inspiration, prophets have gone into the desert. Even Jesus, as he prepared for his mission, went into a desert place to find strength. On Saturday, April 27th, I too went to a desert place—Phoenix, Arizona—to speak at and attend “‘All Are Alike Unto God’: A Conference to Promote Greater Love and Understanding of LGBT/SSA Members of the Mormon Church.” Organized by local LGBT members and their families, friends, and allies, the conference was designed both to give LGBT members a voice and to educate straight members as to how they could be more enlightened and provide greater support…

Read more at No More Strangers by clicking here.

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