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The following resources reference information pertinent to the intersection of LDS faith/heritage and sexual orientation and/or gender identify.  These external references are provided for informational purposes only.  ALL: ARIZONA LDS LGBT is not affiliated with any organization referenced herein nor does it necessarily endorse all of its content.

Helping Latter-day Saint Families with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Children

Evidence-based family approach for care and support of LGBT youth.  This booklet offers basic information to help parents and caregivers support their LGBT children; to reduce their children’s health risks, including depression, suicide, substance abuse and HIV infection; and to promote their well-being.

Caitlin Ryan, PhD, ACSW

Robert A. Rees, PhD

Family Acceptance Project

San Francisco State University

As featured on the official church website, the Mackintosh family shares their insights of when their son Xian came out to them and how they responded and navigated the future.

Becky has always loved her son Xian. When he came out as gay, she gradually learned more about love than she ever thought possible—especially that unconditional love doesn’t mean condoning. She refused to deny her faith, and she refused to deny her love for her son.  Read Becky's Story

Scott thought being gay was a choice, even after his son came out. His first response was anger, but he held back. Later his son assured him it wasn’t a choice. That’s when Scott realized the truth, expressed his love, and apologized for the insensitive comments he’d made in the past.  Read Scott's Story

As shared on the I'll Walk With You site, Rachel and Jonathan Manwaring share their feelings and insights of learning that Jonathan's brother Jamison is gay and their subsequent journey of love and acceptance for themselves and their family.

As shared on the I'll Walk With You site, Vicki and Jared Johnson share how the Lord helped them prepare for their son’s coming out.

As shared on the I'll Walk With You site, Bryce and Sara Cook share how they feel called to extend love and speak out for all LGBT Mormons following their two gay sons' coming out.

The mission of the Mama Dragons organization includes establishing an environment for mothers of LGBTQIA children to promote health, love, and support.  Their goal is to embrace one another, so that no one need ever to feel alone.  They support other mothers and seek to provide assistance to their children.

This Northern Lights Blog post, authored by Rachel Manwaring, addresses common questions about how to discuss family members' and friends' sexual orientation and/or gender identity with young children.  Rachel shares her and her husband Jonathan's experiences communicating this information about her brother-in-law with their children.

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