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The following resources reference information pertinent to the intersection of LDS faith/heritage and sexual orientation and/or gender identify.  These external references are provided for informational purposes only.  ALL: ARIZONA LDS LGBT is not affiliated with any organization referenced herein nor does it necessarily endorse all of its content.

Leadership training and official resources on for church leaders as they minister to members of their congregations. 


Access to this content is restricted to LDS Church members with specific leadership callings and requires an LDS Account to log in.

As a supplement to, this document compiles many quotes and summarizes information for Church leaders to better understand more recent perspectives on LGB issues and topics.  It consists of 13 statements or questions followed by answers and quotes. Many of the Church sources are cited in the end notes.

Compiled by:

Richard (Dick) Ostler
Curtis Anderson
Debra Coe
Don Coe

Ben Schilaty authors this blog post and describes his experiences coming out to his Church leaders.  More specifically, he provides some suggestions for leaders as they meet with and minister church members who come out to them as LGBT.

A Facebook post (dated 10.23.2016) authored by Richard Ostler detailing his experiences as a former singles ward bishop in the LDS Church.  Dick offers advice to other ward leaders on how to more effectively minister to LGBT members.

2014 ALL Conference speaker Jonathan Manwaring delivers this address focusing on how Church leaders can effectively minister to their LGBT ward and stake members.

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